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What would your life be like if you could harness the full potential that is latent within you?

All sustainable change happens within the patterns of your thinking, beliefs, purpose, and values.

  • What if you could learn to remove historical and emotional obstacles to your confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem?
  • What if you could be trained and receive coaching from a Master Coach to help you remove those obstacles that have held you back your entire life?
  • What would your life become if you could end self-sabotaging thinking and behaviors once and for all at the root cause?
  • What if you could align the unmeasurable power of your mind with new thinking, a defined purpose, living a life aligned with your values, and a strategy for taking massive action?
  • Who would you be, and what could you achieve?

Studies Show...

If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead; you cannot reach your full potential, and you cannot influence.

All our actions are emotionally driven.  If we are not motivated to succeed in our lives, it is because we are thinking the wrong thoughts and running negative self-talk. 

When people learn MINDSET management and the systems to harness the power of their minds, their lives change.

When we stay within our comfort zones, we begin to stagnate.  When we step outside our comfort zone, we become uncomfortable, but we step onto the path that expands our personal and professional evolution.

People who procrastinate waste their precious breaths and, therefore, their lives.

Learn the MINDSET skills that have been taught to the top performers in Fortune 500 companies all over the world.

Get the education you have been missing to increase and sustain your success.

Yes Gary, Sign Me Up!


Suppose you receive 30 hours of coaching and exclusive MINDSET education from a world-class coach with 36 years of experience.  He has facilitated over 30,000 one-to-one clients, and there are only 20 seats available. Would you jump at the chance? 

The techniques you will experience will begin to clear the mind, stop the emotional energy drains, and unlock the infinite power inside of you.  You will learn an exclusive curriculum offered ONLY within the Ultimate MINDSET and Coaching Intensive.

RIGHT NOW, this OPPORTUNITY is literally staring you in the face. Will you seize it or let it pass you by?  You pay once to evolve your Mindset and forever for procrastination.

Through this Training and Coaching Intensive, you will…

  • Learn to work with the root cause of what's been stopping you.
  • Learn how to program your mind for what you want and enroll the other 90% of your brain toward your success.
  • Transform your personal and professional relationships to build and deepen trust, influence, and commitment.
  • Develop mental and emotional management skills to maintain your peace.
  • Learn to lead yourself out of negative stuck states into massive action.
  • Close energy drains in your life and utilize your life force for business and family.
  • Develop an iron-clad MINDSET for success.
  • Learn wildly effective communication skills.
  • Learn how to increase your people intelligence skills.
  • Learn how to shift a negative emotional state into an empowered one in minutes.

Listen to what our past students have to say...

- MaryBeth Koenes, Life Coach

Fort Worth, TX

- Jennifer Sher, CEO & Creative Director

Las Vegas

Below you will discover what is included in the three modules of the Intensive.

Group Coaching and Process work will occur in every session to facilitate your breakthroughs.

Module 1:

In this module, you will gain greater self-awareness and define and learn:

  • Crystal clear goals.
  • How to program your Subconscious mind for success.
  • Your Subconscious Obstacles and create a strategy to break through them.
  • How to remove yourself from the Drama Triangle and live from the creator triangle.
  • The presuppositions of Self-Leadership.
  • Discover and define your top five values that raise your self-esteem and create personal congruency.
  • Define your purpose.

Module 2:

In this module, you will learn techniques for shifting your emotional states and utilizing your life force to realize your goals.

  • Learn a method to discover the limiting beliefs that self-sabotage your success.
  • Learn the “language of your brain” to neutralize your negative beliefs and install unstoppable beliefs.
  • Learn how to transform negative feelings of fear, anxiety, anger,
    and low self-worth in minutes.
  • Open the owner manuals for your mind and understand how to direct your mind one-pointedly toward your future.

Module 3:

In this module, you will learn:

  • In-depth relationship training beginning with how to establish rapport and win trust.
  • How to become masterful in your personal and professional communication.
  • How to hold conversations that build bridges to mutual understanding and resolution.
  • How to resolve past betrayals and stop the energy drains on your current and future momentum.
  • How to solve problems and innovate solutions to pivot your personal or professional needs.

By the end of this Intensive you will…

  • Have the tools, strategies, and confidence to align your thinking with your values and purpose that will act as a guiding light for all your actions and become a trusted leader.
  • Know how to influence your subconscious mind to enroll a whole-brain approach to achieving your dreams.
  • Know how to stay empowered in your thoughts and emotions that earn you respect, establish you as a leader, and raise your self-esteem as you gain influence and trust with your family, colleagues, and community.
  • Always know that your only moment of power is right NOW. Strategic action will take the place of procrastination. Empowerment will take the place of fear, and you can become unshakable in your resolve toward financial, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual success.


When: Thursday, January 18th
Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Central Time)

If you have questions about the Ultimate MINDSET and Coaching Intensive, please bring them to this event, and I will answer them. Let nothing stand in your way from finally gaining the MINDSET skills that can change your LIFE.

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Here’s what others have said about the trainings and coaching you will experience.

I recently completed the Ultimate Mindset Coaching Intensive Course with Gary De Rodriguez, and it was a truly transformative experience. Gary's coaching style is unique, and his techniques were incredibly effective in helping me reconnect with my values, break through limiting beliefs and behaviors that had been holding me back for years.

This shift in mindset has not only improved my relationship with myself, but it has also positively impacted my relationships with those around me. I am more open and communicative with my loved ones, and I am able to approach challenging situations with a more collaborative and problem-solving mindset.

Gary has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. The course was well-structured, and each week's lessons built upon the previous ones, allowing for a deepening of the work we were doing. The interactions with my classmates were very meaningful. Our shared experiences will stay with me for a long time.

I highly recommend Gary and this course to anyone who wants to transform their mindset and achieve their goals. Thank you, Gary, for your guidance and support on this incredible journey.

- Joliot See, Melbourne Australia

This course has been absolutely WONDERFUL. I have learned so many tips and tools that I can use in my business (and personal life) daily... Gary is a genius.

Not only is he engaging to listen to and so very knowledgeable about HNLP practices, but he is so heart centered. I really get the difference he wants to make in this world with his work and it has inspired me to spread the word about Gary and his teachings to anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference for others.

I came from quite a wealth of transformational studies/learning/teaching and I learned so much in this course. There is so much information I want to take it again to really get it all to sink in. I did this course with my partner and it has forwarded our relationship in so many ways. I highly recommend ANYTHING Gary does. You won't regret it.

- Victoria Varon, California

Hi Gary,

I think about our class often, and miss seeing everyone! And please keep me posted on everything you have coming up… you know I’ll sign up for anything you offer.  I also want to reiterate how much I would appreciate any opportunity to learn as much as I can from you – courses, teachings, mentorship, shadowing, guinea pig for new techniques. I want whatever you are willing and able to give me as I develop my own career and work in this field. 


In the meantime, I am practicing every bit that I learned from you, and when that is mastered, I will reread and rewatch the course and practice more. I can’t thank you enough for the tools and techniques… they’ve changed my life, my relationships, and my coaching business.

I am here and always open to exploring this work with you!


- MaryBeth Koenes, Life Coach

I spent 9 hours yesterday with Gary. WOW doesn't even begin to describe the experience and self-transformation I realized!!! It was a magical experience to say the least. If you are desirous of exploring the depths of your being, your soul, your internal “wiring” and are truly committed to making a lasting change in your life that will better you personally, your family, your friends, employees, peers, and all you come in contact with then scheduling a session with Gary is a must and one you will be forever grateful for!

- Brian Moses, #2 Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent in the world

I have literally done hundreds of personal and professional growth seminars. This one surpasses them all in intensity and excellence. I am so grateful to you for providing the space for me to discover my life’s purpose. I now have some incredible tools to integrate my highest spiritual values into my daily life. ‘NLP Tools for Life!’ is nothing less than a training program for creating heaven on earth. I am now well equipped for the ride.

- Danielle Dorman, Deepak Chopra Center

Every now and then, someone comes into your life and brings with them a gift, which, if you choose to, you can use to totally transform your life and become the person of whom you have always dreamed. That person was Gary De Rodriguez, and his gift was the NLP Tools. My life will never be the same again. God bless Gary and thank you!

- Darrel Brown, Cinematographer Perth Australia

There will be only 20 seats available for the Ultimate MINDSET and Coaching Intensive for 20 committed individuals.  If you sincerely want to create a breakthrough, then register now. This event will sell out.

My Journey

I am passionate about this work because it has transformed my life from a molested, abused, traumatized IV using meth addict as a teenager into an international Leadership coach and trainer speaking on the conference stages of Shell Oil, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Kuwait Petroleum and hundreds of other organizations globally. I have been published by Bloomsbury publishing on Leadership and in the process of getting my second book published.

Wherever you are in LIFE, these TOOLS for Leadership and Life will Transform what has been into who you desire to be. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you. It is my soul’s purpose to get this education into your hands.

Dates and Times are as follows:

(Classes will be held live online via Zoom)

What others have said about the changes to their lives from this type of training and coaching:

This training has absolutely altered my life! The results have been phenomenal! I doubled my salary, created new career opportunities, enhanced all my relationships, and became a more effective communicator! My life purpose became clear and my life took on a whole new direction. My energy level and stamina have just soared. I feel like a whole new being!

Otis Johnson, Educator, Los Angeles, CA

In a matter of hours with Gary, he stimulated, challenged and encouraged my thoughts to new levels. The time spent together will influence my ability to push my communication and therefore my relationships to new levels of excellence and performance. With an exponential dividend on time and investment I whole heartedly recommend Gary.

Lauren Lamb

This really works. Gary is a master at helping you think through your goals for a better life. The simple processes that are taught are so powerful enabling you to use these tools whenever it is necessary in the future. I knew this would be a great weekend but I really was over awed by the value I received from it. This is the best money I have ever spent.

Leanne Markwell

It’s hard to believe that these tools could change my life so profoundly, but that’s what happened. I am aware of amazing changes in me: how I react to stressful situations, how I treat my loved ones, how I feel about my past, the loss of the terrible burden of guilt I have carried around for 20 years. It sounds like a cliché, but I really do feel like a new woman.

Cala Cocco

I’ve spent many years studying and participating in psychotherapy, and this is the fastest change I’ve ever seen. I’ve changed my life dramatically and permanently.

Adam Colson

During this training, I have come to know myself again. This has been life-changing personally as well as professionally. What you have done, I have never heard or seen it accomplished in this short period of time. Yes, you have a price tag but what I have gained from this is priceless. I thank you, my family thanks you, my co-workers thank you and my future thanks you.

Christina Hamilton

About Gary De Rodriguez

The CLASS limit is 20 committed individuals.

If I were to train and one-on-one coach you for 20 hours, you would pay $10,000.00 for this depth of education and deep-level transformative coaching. The price difference between 20 hours of one-to-one coaching and the Ultimate Mindset and Coaching Intensive, you would save $8503.00


The beginning Step is Enrolling in the Ultimate MINDSET and Coaching Intensive, NOW for $1497.00.

Always Remember, you pay for knowledge ONCE, but you pay for lack of motivation and procrastination over and over again.

If not at this critical moment in history, then When?

There are only 20 spots. Seats have already been taken before this email blast has even been sent. Enroll now or lose your seat and opportunity.

If you do not take this opportunity, when will you commit to evolving the one thing that has always held you back; your Mindset.

Every breath is precious; learn a proven system to take you further down the PATH of self-actualization than you may have ever gone. It all begins with one CHOICE. You pay for your Self Actualization once, but you pay for your procrastination over and over and over again.

Break free and join our community of 20 committed souls to be the best we can be and do the most good in the world we possibly can.