Needing help building a high performing culture?

Having people issues that are holding back your organisation?

Seeking clarity to your strategy and help with its execution?

Welcome to Peopleistic, a global organisation committed to helping organizations, teams and individuals better execute their organisation’s strategy through increased personal and collective performance.

We are a worldwide organisation who create thriving cultures. We help organisations become more profitable, attract and retain the right talent and develop a powerful brand presence in the marketplace. We offer:

- professional business advice to enable cultural change;
- facilitating strategy development;
- guiding strategic execution (project management);
- delivering deeper leadership and team development that change's people's lives;
- assess individual attitudes and team engagement to improve performance and culture;
- offering globally-recognised qualifications and certification; and
- ongoing in-the-workplace coaching.

We wrote the book on humanistic business where research has proven the approach produces far greater profit consistently through establishing a value-driven culture. Through recognising the power of people, developing streamlined processes that guide high performance behaviour that leads to great user experiences we increase profit through high performance team members. The long-term effect of applying humanistic business principles and practices is that client's rave about you, people want to work for you, and customers are driven to you by referral and repeat business.

We specialise in 'emotional intelligence' that covers understanding yourself and the impact you are having on people around you, the importance of critical team conversations, developing authentic leadership skills, innovative thinking and problem solving skills, and how to inspire and engage others. Our purpose is to help organisations achieve greater results through getting clear on their strategy, having accountability systems and processes that guide responsible behavior, and improve business operations that all leads to a high performing culture.




Learn About the 7 Principles of

being a Humanistic Business

Published by Bloomsbury in 2015, the Humanistic Business book explains the 7 key principles in transforming an organisation in becoming more sustainable, profitable and able to attract the right talent and retain loyal customers:

  • 1. Act with Integrity
  • 2. Take Personal Responsibility
  • 3. Create repeatable Positive Experience
  • 4. Enable Enthused Advocates
  • 5. Focus on Brand Energy
  • 6. Support Organic Growth
  • 7. Be Socially Responsible


Strategy & Change Facilitation

Organisations need clear strategy and precise plans to guide smart investment and resource allocations that give staff clear direction. Our planning methodology covers strategic, operational and project levels. We offer:

  • Organisational Values facilitation;
  • 3-Year Strategic Plan facilitation;
  • 1-Year Operations Plan facilitation;
  • Project Management Plan development;
  • Risk Management Plan development;
  • Agile Change Management Process; and
  • Monitoring and reporting capability.

Process Improvement

Process guides behaviour, and when a business needs standardised methods, grows fast in staff numbers, geographically spreads or structures itself into a franchise model, the need for process becomes critical. We offer:

  • Operating Standards and Procedures;
  • Creating Process Maps;
  • Establishing Project Management Offices;
  • Establishing Governance policies;
  • Developing Organisational Charts;
  • Developing Position Descriptions; and
  • Establishing customized Project Methodology


Individual & Team Growth

Organisations are run by people.  Investment in the skills and competencies of staff members is critical to developing high performing teams and organisational agility. Our focus is on building your business’ capability to excel. We offer:

  • Individual and team behavioural profiling;
  • Executive and line manager coaching;
  • Governance training for Boards Directors;
  • Customer Service team training;
  • Sales team training;
  • Project team training; and
  • Ongoing on-the-job coaching.


Our international programs provide practical skills that can be used in the workplace immediately. Learn from global experts working in their area of training expertise. Our training can lead to internationally-recognised qualifications, global certifications and worldwide accreditation.

Our flagship training program begins with:

Creating a High Performing Team
(Behavioural Profiling Insights)

Fast Track building a high performing team through this 1-day intensive face-to-face training format.
It exposes team members to their own behavioural style, and that of other team members, providing insight and building respect and trust. It allows for the recognition of how each member contributes value to the team’s overall performance.
Personal behavioral profiles are completed before the course begins, allowing participants to get an early insight to their style through a customised report.
A team behavioural profile report is also produced that give insights into how the team is working together.
The training delivery provides insights to the team’s performance, introducing neuroscience, individual and team performance.
An optional one-on-one coaching session is completed with every participant to investigate and resolve any personal inhibitors to success.
A management debrief allows the organisation’s leaders to understand how to better communicate and deal with each team member in the future.


Our internationally-recognised qualification programs align to our services: strategy and leadership, and strategic execution: project management. They are endorsed and issued under the authority of the Australian Government. When delivered within a single organisation, the content can be customised to the business systems, methodology and processes of that business.

[su_tabs class=”certificat”][su_tab title=”Project Practitioner course
(leads to Certificate IV
in Project Management Practice)<
(Qualification Training)”]

Click Peopelistic_C4PMP_A4 Size Brochure_1.00 to download the brochure.

PRICE:   AUD$1,390 (Face-to-Face Training Only)    

                AUD$997   (Online Training Only)    

                AUS$1,877  (Packaged Online training  with Assessment and Certificate IV award) 

                AUS$2,200  (Packaged Face-to-Face training with Assessment and Certificate IV award) 

               AUD$1,200 (Recognised Prior Learning Assessment for Qualification)

Project Managers make things happen. Every new business establishing, building, methodology, policy, office relocation, software development and even consulting assignments are all projects, and project management is essential to plan and execute projects successfully as a professional consultant.

Our internationally-recognised qualification is endorsed under the Australian Qualifications Framework and issued by the Australian Government-approved Registered Training Organisation called the Business Education Institute.

This training, and assessment (as a project team member), leads to the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice

This training and required workplace assessment, leads to the BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and the units for this qualification comprise:

[su_table class=”training”]

BSBPMG409 Apply project scope-management techniques
BSBPMG410 Apply project time-management techniques
BSBPMG411 Apply project quality-management techniques
BSBPMG412 Apply project cost-management techniques
BSBPMG413 Apply project human resources management approaches
BSBPMG414 Apply project information management and communications management techniques
BSBPMG415 Apply project risk-management techniques
BSBPMG416 Apply project procurement procedures
BSBPMG418 Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

[/su_table]PROJECT-TEAM-MEMBER-CertiVPMP1[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Project Manager course
(leads to Diploma of
Project Management Training)

(Qualification Training)”]

Click Peopelistic_DipPM_A4 Size Brochure_1.00 to download the brochure.

PRICE:   AUD$2,800 (Face-to-Face Training Only)    

                AUD$1,897   (Online Training Only)    

                AUS$2,887  (Packaged Online training  with Assessment and Diploma award) 

                AUS$3,500  (Packaged Face-to-Face training with Assessment and Diploma award) 

                AUD$1,400 (Recognised Prior Learning Assessment for Qualification)

Project Managers make things happen. Every new business establishing, building, methodology, policy, office relocation, software development and even consulting assignments are all projects, and project management is essential to plan and execute projects successfully as a professional consultant.

Our internationally-recognised qualification endorsed under the Australian Qualifications Framework and issued by the Australian Government-approved Registered Training Organisation called the Business Education Institute.

This training, and assessment, leads to the Diploma of Project Management

This training and required workplace assessment, leads to the BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management and the units for this qualification comprise:

[su_table class=”training”]

BSBPMG521 Manage project integration
BSBPMG511 Manage project scope
BSBPMG512 Manage project time
BSBPMG513 Manage project quality
BSBPMG514 Manage project cost
BSBPMG515 Manage project human resources
BSBPMG516 Manage project information and communication
BSBPMG517 Manage project risk
BSBPMG518 Manage project procurement
BSBPMG519 Manage project stakeholder engagement
BSBPMG520 Manage project governance
BSBWOR502 Ensure team effectiveness

[/su_table]PROJECT-MANAGER-DipPM1[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Leadership course
(leads to Diploma of
Leadership and Management)

(Qualification Training)”]

Click Peopelistic_DipLM_A4 Size Brochure_1.00 to download the brochure.

PRICE:   AUD$2,997 (Face-to-Face Training Only)    

                AUD$1,997   (Online Training Only)  

                AUS$3,997  (Packaged Face-to-Face training with Assessment and Diploma award) 

                AUS$2,997  (Packaged Online training  with Assessment and Diploma award) 

                AUD$1,400 (Recognised Prior Learning Assessment and Diploma award)

Today we need thought leaders. Modern leaders need broad leadership and management education to understand not only their own business, but the client’s business.

Our internationally-recognised qualification is endorsed under the Australian Qualifications Framework and issued by the Australian Government-approved Registered Training Organisation called the Business Education Institute.

This training and required workplace assessment, leads to the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management and the units for this qualification comprise:

[su_table class=”training”]

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development
BSBHRM405 Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans
BSBRSK501 Manage risk
BSBADM502 Manage meetings
BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service
BSBSLS502 Lead and manage a sales team
BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

[/su_table][/su_tab] [/su_tabs]



Extended DISC & FinxS Consultant

Complete the 3-day face-to-face or online version of our international-accredited Extended DISC Consultant and FinxS Consultant courses, and gain ongoing access to the whole Extended DISC and FinxS tool suites at wholesale prices. This course is also recognised by the International Institute of Professional Consultants and you can gain the Certified Associate Consultant (CAC) credential.



Legal Project Management Certification

Complete the 2-day face-to-face or online version course to become a Legal Project Associate (LPA) for those who work in or support legal matters, or the 3-day face-to-face or online version course to become a Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) for those who manage legal matters. These courses and the certification are recognised by the International Institute of Legal Project ManagementIILPM_LPA_TRANSPARENT


HNLP Practitioner and Coach

Complete the two 5-day courses face-to-face certified Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology course, and then another two 5-day courses leads to the certified Master Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology.  This course is also recognised by the International Institute of Professional Consultants and you can gain  the Certified Associate Consultant (CAC) credential.



Peopleistic is leading two international research projects with the following universities:

Middlesex University

This provides leading research into Corporate Europe business practices in humanistic business.
This research is developing case studies, and conscious business evaluation tools relating to humanistic business principles and practices. The research findings will also lead to master-level educational development programs.
This will provide further insights and tools to help businesses become more humanistic business. 

Curtin University

Todd Hutchison (CEO, Australia) is leading research into business growth and the impacts of team synergy on the results.
This research is developing a business evolution model that sets out the stages of business development, and the evaluation tools to test behavioural performance and the synergistic influences of teams that contribute to business success.
Todd Hutchison will complete a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) as part of this research.


Our key Peopleistic offices are located at:

Unit 7, 628-630 Newcastle Street

Leederville, Western Australia, 6007

Telephone: 1300 762 600

Facsimile: 1300 425 550

Suite 1000, Floor 10, East Tower

5080 Spectrum Drive, Addison, Texas, 75001

Telephone: 972 998 0928

Facsimile:  214 308 9108


Associate Professor and CEO, Australia

Known as the Corporate Mechanic, Todd is an international bestselling author, global business strategist, adjunct Associate Professor and behavioral and project management expert. He has been recognised as a preeminent business leader by WA Business News, a Top 101 Global Expert in project management, and is listed in the Who’s Who in Business in Australia.

For more information click here.

Associate Professor and CEO, USA

Known as the People Mechanic, Gary is a Bloomsbury author, global educator and behavioural expert. He has been recognised as a world leading therapist and coach, helping people breakthrough their limiting beliefs, fears and doubts.

He teaches advanced strategies for human excellence to help organisations develop sustainable leaders and high performing teams.

For more information click here.

Regional Manager, Singapore

David is recognised as a leading coach  across Asia.

A film producer, author, global keynote speaker, and education, David has worked in over 20 countries in educating business owners and operators, and helping individuals achieve their personal aspirations.

He specialises in providing education in sustainable businesses and entrepreneurship.

For more information click here.

Regional Manager, USA

The behind-the-scenes manager of our United States office, Robert has high experience in leading facilities and managing investments.

An avid property expert, Robert works with Peopleistic in overseeing its information systems, and processes.

For more information click here.

Professor and Director, Australia

Ian is an international leasership educator and trainer.

Having had numerous senior commercial and leadership roles, including  being the Dean of the Fiji School of Medicine, and the acting Vice Chancellor of the Fiji National University, Ian specialises in leadership education and coaching, especially working within the health and education sectors.

For more information click here.

Professor and Director, Australia

A former Curtin University Professor in Information Systems, Helen is a leadership, cybersecurity and behavioural expert. She is a John Wiley & Sons author.

She has worked with organisations like IBM, police and security, including West Point military academy in the USA.

For more information click here.

Chief Finance Officer

The behind-the-scenes manager of our Australian office, Gina is a qualified accountant.

For more information click here.



Please mouse click on the topic to learn more about us:

[su_accordion class=”iiopc-accordion”]

[su_spoiler title=”Click here to View Our Group Structure” open=”no” icon=”arrow-iiopc” class=”iiopc-spoiler”]The Peopleistic Group has offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as a representative in Singapore. The Group includes:

  • Peopleistic – this is our core global organisation that delivers training, consulting and coaching services;
  • Business Education Institute – this is our Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO 51900) that provides the qualification-based education and awards; and
  • Film My Video – this is a video production company who supports the online video education products.

[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Click here to View Our History” open=”no” icon=”arrow-iiopc” class=”iiopc-spoiler”]Peopleistic began its life in 2003 as a part-time consultancy business in Australia, becoming a full time business in 2006 to help individuals and businesses thrive.  We started as people-focused trouble shooters, helping organisations resolve people issues, and later realised that it was all about helping people get into flow, where they would perform and bring passion and purpose to their roles.

Our focus has always been on people performance and project management. We soon recognised that good strategy was needed in client organisations, and our expertise in systems and processes was needed, as process guides behaviour. Our services were designed to integrate the people, systems and processes together in a holistic approach towards achieving higher team performance.

The Business Education Institute, our Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO), was formed in 2007, and in 2013 it was moved into its own company structure.

The thirty year old Evolution Training business in the USA merged into the Group in 2012.

In 2014, the original operating name of People Rich changed to Peopleistic to better portray its strengths in people dynamics.

In 2015, Film My Video was then added to the Group.

In 2017, the International Institute of Legal Project Management was established, and supported by the Business Education Institute as the only global certifying body for legal project management.

Our vision continues to spread the principles of Humanistic Business and help organisations survive and thrive, be profitable and be purposeful, living their values and serving others through exceptional user experiences.

[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Click here to View Our Heart’s Focus” open=”no” icon=”arrow-iiopc” class=”iiopc-spoiler”]Peopleistic support a number of important charities:

The Fred Hollows Foundation touches our heart. The late Professor Fred Hollows spent most of his life working to end avoidable blindness and to improve the health of Indigenous Australians. Fred and Gabi Hollows and their friends set up The Fred Hollows Foundation in 1992 so his important international work in making a difference to so many people would continue.

The Peopleistic Group share his vision of a world where no one is needlessly blind. We can’t image how hard it may be not to enjoy the colour and vibrancy of this life as we do. We do not have the medical skills to be able to make such a difference to a person’s life like the Fred Hollows Foundation, but through our donation we are contributing in a positive way to fulfilling his vision., and we have done it together!

For every training participant we have, we donate (on their behalf) the restoration of a child’s sight to live a happier life with clarity in vision. We strongly believe in giving clarity to you through our own educational programs, and this is our way to make a real difference working with you to give a child permanent clarity that can change their life forever.

To donate click here.

The PMI Educational Foundation supports practical and relevant school-based education.

The Peopleistic Group are part of the PMI Educational Foundation’s Leadership Society, as we belief in the work the organisation does to advantage project management in school education across the world, and its focus on supporting disaster recovery.

It aligns to our values in education and providing practical training that will change communities, businesses and government by bringing project management knowledge to the masses.

To donate click here.

Rotary International is an organisation of highly committed people across the globe working together on so many projects. Through Rotary Bay View, we are providing a global project management online resource to support Rotary projects and Rotarians to develop better project management skills and get even greater results.

We also sponsor Rotarians to become qualified in project management.

To donate click here.

Lions Clubs internationally are doing great work in supporting their fellow human beings. We particularly like to annually support their work with disabled children, and improving their lives. We recognise the important role the parents and carers do, and we especially enjoy helping support the events that bring these children into fun environments.

To donate click here.

[/su_spoiler][su_spoiler title=”Click here to View What Our Clients’ Say” open=”no” icon=”arrow-iiopc” class=”iiopc-spoiler”]Examples of testimonials include:

“When I first saw Todd I was so impressed with his speech at the PMI Symposium in Indonesia that I booked him as a speaker for the Microsoft Asia Project Conference, where he was voted the best speaker against tough competition. He has a great way of engaging with the audience to impart a message and I thoroughly recommend him”.

James Price, Microsoft Corporation (Asia)

“‘I found Todd and his team to be extremely professional. The one day session was great and the feedback I have received from my team indicates that they found the individual coaching sessions to be extremely valuable”.

Prof Maryam Omari, Dean, School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University

“Peopleistic has given me the tools and personal skills to expand what is possible for our organisation and see beyond our capabilities. As a result we have started to see an increase in opportunities and have been able to lay the foundations for real and sustainable growth. If you want a better business and a better life then get Peopleistic.”

Paul Lyons, Ecocentric Energy Systems

“I have found the Peopleistic program to be the most inspiring and beneficial training of my professional life. It is a program that provides insights, self-awareness and practical tools to blend together – the result being a better balanced and equipped individual, leader, worker and colleague”.

Garry Prus, City of Wanneroo

“The singular most powerful course I have attended, and I have attended many. I was slightly skeptical at first, but I am blown away at what I have taken away. This is going to change my life.”

Gordon, Perth

“One of the best presenters I’ve ever seen. I learn more from him every time I see Todd…about myself and working with others around me. Todd is always enthusiastic and authentic in presenting and I would highly recommend anyone who’s interested in improving their sales techniques to see him.”

Christine Vilim, Local Chambers

“Excellent course – this can change your life!”

Mark, Perth

Recommend this course to anyone at any age or background.”

Mal, Perth

“Overall a very inspiring course – not just for work, but for life in general.”

John, Perth

“Awesome – one of the best courses I have ever attended.”

Qonrad, Perth

“An amazing course that has given me an introduction into the possibilities I have and can achieve using my mind.”

Nathan, Perth

“Excellent course. I got an insight into so much about ‘me’. This will add so much to my work and personal life. Always, now I feel I can relate better to my staff. Thank you for giving me back my focus.”

Myra, Perth

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course and I think everyone who owns their own business or wants their business to improve should do it.”

Joanna, Perth

“Todd is very open and personable and a very good presenter. He Delivered a huge amount of information in a relatively short time.”

Jude Daley, The HR Consortium

“Has changed my mind about human behaviour.”

Mark Lait, Freedom Photography

“Always an interesting science – people.”

Carole Doig, The HR Consortium

“This course came at the right time for me, on a family level and work level. I have had forty plus years without an open mind, the last four weeks [course] my mind has opened. I know I can do it.”

Craig, Perth

“Peopleistic has given me the tools and personal skills to expand what is possible for our organisation and see beyond our capabilities. As a result we have started to see an increase in opportunities and have been able to lay the foundations for real and sustainable growth. If you want a better business and a better life then get Peopleistic.”

Paul Lyons, Chief Executive Officer, Ecocentric Energy Systems

“I highly recommend Todd Hutchison to any professional who wants to reassess their workplace direction. His thorough analysis of my DISC profile gave me increased insight, providing validation and clarity for me. His coaching skills are outstanding and he is dedicated to bringing the best out of people.”

Max Lewington, Lawyer and Manager, Perth, Australia

“I have found the Peopleistic program to be the most inspiring and beneficial training of my professional life. It is a program that provides insights, self awareness and practical tools to blend together – the result being a better balanced and equipped individual, leader, worker and colleague.”

Garry Prus, Executive Manager, City of Wanneroo

“Thank you for today it truly was an amazing experience. I have seen and felt some real improvement in my anxiety levels which is very encouraging and a little bit life changing for me. I am even more so now motivated to develop this further to really be able enhance what I have and move forward to what I want.

Nathan, Subiaco

“A very striking awareness of the intricacies of a life. The opportunity to understand what you may have forgotten.”

Dana, Victoria Park

“The time invested in Todd was terrific, as was the self awareness and understanding created. As a coach myself and someone who believes in the power of coaching having experienced many, Todd technique and style is the best. I will only use Todd going forward.”

Caroline, North Perth

I have used a variety of services provided by Peopleistic to help with goal setting, DISC profiling, depression and past issues. I’ve realised that I was suffering under great stress and I was well on the road to becoming burnt out. I was aware of these issues, however, it is sometimes difficult to “step outside the box” to work on these. I highly recommend their programs and their professionalism.”

Yvonne, Wanneroo

“As a result, I am very clear on my goals and work style… I have discovered what I truly want to achieve rather than what I thought I should be achieving. It has been a liberating experience for me and I am already looking forward to the next year’s coaching!”

Jan, Fremantle

“I am indebted to Peopleistic … I learned many ways to deal with my doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that were stopping me from moving forward with my life. It was an astonishing and very interesting journey as well as a most enjoyable one. The life coaching sessions have made me much more aware of who I am and what I can achieve if I wish to. I am also much kinder to myself than I have ever been in the past. I would recommend these sessions to anyone who wishes to enhance their lives and fully realise their dreams, as it can be done!”

Maureen, Bassendean

“I have literally done hundreds of personal growth seminars. This one surpasses them all in intensity and excellence. I am so grateful to you for providing the space for me to discover my life’s purpose. I now have some incredible tools to integrate my highest spiritual values into my daily life. ‘NLP Tools for Life!’ is nothing less than a training program for creating heaven on earth. I am now well equipped for the ride.”

Danielle Dorman, Trainer Deepak Chopra Center, San Diego CA

“This training has absolutely altered my life! The results have been phenomenal! I doubled my salary, created new career opportunities, enhanced all my relationships, and became a more effective communicator! My life purpose became clear and my life took on a whole new direction. My energy level and stamina have just soared. I feel like a whole new being!”

Otis Johnson, Educator, Los Angeles CA

“Gary is one of those speakers who promises much and delivers more. Much more. I have attended two of his presentations and come away inspired. I also got concrete ways in which I can increase my effectiveness. Having spoken to others who have heard Gary, I find they too come away with far more than they dreamed.

Gary has a way of presenting facts, concepts and actions you didn’t know you didn’t know but sure can use the minute you walk out of his class.

It takes someone with absolute integrity and congruency to deliver the eye opening, mind changing ideas Gary presents. He seems to do it so effortlessly that time flies by, yet when he is through, you still want more.

As one of our Board members aptly put it, Gary “was one of the best speakers I have heard in 10 years.” He went on to say, “Those who attended [Gary’s workshop] truly gained constructive perspectives on communication, thinking strategies and how to create an exceptional success for oneself.” That pretty much says it all!”

Tom Luhnow, CEO Greater San Diego Business Assoication

“Gary: I have wanted to write to you often lately to describe the breathtaking changes that I experience in life since our work together– there are too many to list! I desired to thank you for the profound shifts to my life.”

Sean Peterson, Professional Speaker

“I just returned from Gary de Rodriguez’s workshop in Santa Fe. INCREDIBLE!!! The very best speakers training, or training of any kind for that matter, that I have ever attended.

Because Gary believes you must be present in your true self pursuing your true purpose when speaking, he spent an entire day working with us to reach that true self. It brought us all to a point of intimacy that enabled learning the techniques and structure from inside our body and soul. I came away so very powerful!

Thank you for providing this introduction that has already proven to be a watershed moment in my life.”

Karen Vecchio, Senior Consultant CMTC

“Without a doubt, the most essential body of knowledge for the progression of mankind. It is a crime that these teachings are not mandatory in schools. I have yet to know of a more effective facilitator that Mr. Rodriguez. This course is priceless.”

John Harris, Law Enforcement, Perth, Australia

“The NLP Tools training helped me to produce rapid results in all aspects of my life. I was able to break old unhealthy habits, establish new healthy ones, and there was an immediate improvement in my relationships. Unlike many other seminars, NLP Tools, provides techniques that can be used for years after the seminar has been taken.”

Natasha Starkovsky, Esthetician, La Jolla CA

“Dear Gary: I can’t thank you enough for doing your free seminar and being picked to have you demonstrate releasing an old hurt that has held me back in a lot of aspects in my life. It has almost been a year now and your eye scramble really dissolved a very old hurt. My self-esteem has noticeably improved drastically. This is not only very big for me, but has changed my life, and now I can be more of who I am. Thank you so much.”

Karen Schuyler, Yoga Instructor Kansas City, MO

“Recently, both my husband and I completed Gary De Rodriguez’s NLP Practitioner Training. Now we are both Certified NLP Practitioners. As a result, we have a common language and set of tools with which to communicate. We use these tools all the time and it’s made a huge difference in our marriage and the people with whom we work. As our communication opens up even more fully, our trust, intimacy, and understanding deepen even more. In my work environment, communication is clearer and more effective. All of Gary’s workshops and seminars are filled with nuts and bolts, as well as life-changing information. I highly recommend them to anyone who has to deal with people.”

Sharon Bradshaw, San Diego, CA

“It’s hard to believe that these tools could change my life so profoundly, but that’s what happened. I am aware of amazing changes in me: how I react to stressful situations, how I treat my loved ones, how I feel about my past, the loss of the terrible burden of guilt I have carried around for 20 years. It sounds like a cliché, but I really do feel like a new woman.”

Cala Cocco, Teacher San Diego, CA

“Every now and then, someone comes into your life and brings with them a gift, which, if you choose to, you can use to totally transform your life and become the person of whom you have always dreamed. That person was Gary De Rodriguez, and his gift was the NLP Tools. My life will never be the same again. God bless Gary and thank you!”

Darrel Brown, Cinematographer Perth, Australia

“I have learned that I have within me all the potential to fulfill my purpose in life, to shine, to share, to be. My destiny is in my hands.”

Fran Hirt, Principle/ Teacher, Kansas City, MO

“Transforming your life through the utilization of your language and NLP with Gary De Rodriguez is the understatement of possibly my life. My heart is now open and my mind is clear I am ready to create this wonderful new life.”

Martin Callahan, Educator, Rockhampton Queensland, Australia

“I have found the two-day training to be life changing! Old baggage that I have carried with me for years has lessened tremendously. Without these extra burdens and anchors to the past, I feel new possibilities are surfacing and becoming clearer. There is a new joy and purpose in living life more fully. Thanks Gary!”

David Evans, Massage Therapist, Kansas City, MO

“I’ve spent many years studying and participating in psychotherapy and this is the fastest change I’ve ever seen. In just six months, I’ve changed my life dramatically and permanently.”

Adam Colson, Psychotherapist, Los Angeles, CA

“This really works. Gary is a master at helping you think through your goals for a better life. The simple processes that are taught are so powerful enabling you to use these tools whenever it is necessary in the future. I knew this would be a great weekend but I really was over awed by the value I received from it. This is the best money I have ever spent.”

Leanne Markwell, Rockhampton Queensland, Australia

“On behalf of Shell Australia I would like to sincerely thank you for the remarkable session. Your talk was well received by the audience and you were also quoted by some speakers on the day-2 of the summit. At the end of the summit, we had a formal written feedback about the summit, your session received very positive feedback.

I look forward to seeing you again in future.”

Joginder Marwah, Business Development Manager, Shell Development (Australia) Pty Ltd

“My name is John Mitchell I am the CEO of Mitchell’s Livestock Transport. It is based in the South West of Western Australia. We employ around 30 staff this includes 15 drivers, workshop personel, operational and logistics staff and Administration. Mitchell’s are a third generation business and have a solid and loyal customer base, good staff retention and a strong market presence. I have long held a view there is something holding my business back. I just could not put my finger on what it is – I may have thought I knew what it was…… this person or that person or the type of work we do etc.

Two years ago I came into contact with Gary De Rodriguez and Peopleistic through their Leadership Training business. I realised straight away that this bloke had a rare knack of making simple sense and ‘pushing some unused buttons’.

Since that initial meeting Gary has played a pivotal role in developing leadership skills in our entire workforce. I sincerely feel that Gary is a once in a lifetime leadership coach who has an incredible way of seeing things.

Gary’s involvement with our group has given us all both at a work and in our private lives some incredible tools that can add value to so many different areas of our lives.

My goal is for my employees to be better people when they decide to move on after their time at Mitchell’s. In most cases I have found our staff gained a reason to stay following Gary’s time with them.

Personally, I have matured as a manager and have a deeper understanding of what leadership really means – and how to display it.

Gary will make a difference to you and your people – I believe it would be hard to find anyone to make a bigger difference.”

John Mitchell, CEO Mitchells Livestock Transport

“The evaluations and feedback on your training from our Department professional staff is uniformly outstanding. There is a continual demand for your return performance. I have been a trainer and instructor for many years and consider Gary De Rodriguez to be one of the most effective consultants I have ever observed. It is without reservation that I recommend you to other county departments or community organizations.”

Richard Weintraub, Director of Professional Development, L.A. Sheriff’s Dept.

“Our Groups have worked with Gary for the past year and he has been incredible. Teaching the skills to have Authentic Conversations as well as Life Skill Trainings has been a great investment for our organization. Our people are our greatest asset and Gary’s skill, genuine interest and enthusiasm has made a tremendous difference.”

Kim Brotherson, Managing Director, Pharmacy 777 & Pharmacy Help Group

“The goals, strategies and tactics that I formulated in the seminar earlier this year were successfully achieved in late June. I am now in control of my own business, on target for its transformation to its next level and, attracting the type of business and networks to it that I want and need.”

Greg Riebe, Chief Executive Officer Entrepreneurs in Residence, Perth Australia

“There has been marked change in my team dynamics since bringing Mr. Rodriguez into the Global Safety division of Elan Pharmaceuticals. Team culture and communication has dramatically improved through his training’s therefore my core staff has stabilized and productivity has risen. I couldn’t be happier with results from our investment.”

Tobias Peschal, V.P., Elan Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA

“Todd has changed my life and given me a real direction, I shall forever be in his debt.”

Nivia, Perth

“Todd was the most informed and engaging speaker I have ever encountered. Todd’s enthusiasm made the experience more engaging.”

Cassandra, Perth

“Your passion, enthusiasm and delivery of the leadership training made for an educational and informative day and I think the group certainly learnt some new skills that they will be able to utilise in their daily lives. I would certainly recommend the course to others.”

Jessica, Bencubbin

“I have found the Peopleistic program to be the most inspiring and beneficial training of my professional life. It is a program that provides insights, self awareness and practical tools to blend together – the result being a better balanced and equipped individual, leader, worker and colleague.”

Garry Prus, City of Wanneroo

“Todd was an engaging presenter who connected with our staff really well. His message was relevant and struck a chord with many staff. The presentation was a great way to start the year and we’d certainly have Todd back again as a guest speaker.”

Central West TAFE

The TAFEWA Learning Resources Services Network (LRSN) is a collaborative network that supports the vision of TAFEWA Library services. It exists to provide a supportive relationship for the members and to enhance the connection to changes in teaching, learning and assessment.

The LRSN hosts an annual professional development LRSN Forum with a new theme each year. In 2009 the LRSN Forum theme was SHAPE Shift Happens: Active, Positive, Engaged with all the presentations and workshops were based around this theme. I approached Todd Hutchison to start off the Forum as a motivational speaker and to get all the participants thinking about what they wanted to get out of the day and the theme.

Todd made an excellent presentation and did a great job of motivating the attendees and kick-starting the day. Many of the participants were very impressed with how well Todd was able to include our key theme and challenges. We also asked Todd to present in the afternoon on a marketing topic which was called Capture my Style.

Some of the comments we received from our evaluation included:
‘The two sessions presented by Todd Hutchison were excellent!’
‘Excellent presenters *loved* Todd Hutchison’
‘Great presentation from Todd’
‘Would recommend Todd to anyone’

“Todd was very well qualified to facilitate this program.”

Michelle, TAFE

“This course and the manual will help structure our approach and provide structure to how we run projects.”

Gavin, Melbourne

Your capacity to engage with staff, entertain them and at the same time send them away with a useful bag of tips and techniques for use in the workplace and their everyday life is a testimony to your skills as a presenter.”

Wayne, Perth

“Todd is an expert engaging presenter – knowledgeable, with real life experience.”

Nigel, Perth

“Excellent – gave me more than I expected. Highly engaging and knowledgeable.”

Bill, Perth

“Todd is a highly experienced presenter who readily imparts his knowledge in an engaging and stimulating way.”

Simon, Perth

“Ighsaan’s personal stories and experience were really useful. I thought it was great how he was candid about both his successes and his failures.”

John, Perth

“Excellent, no death by PowerPoint.”

Don, Albany

“Ighsaan the presenter is extremely professional and knew his topic.”

Ian, Albany

“Detailed, practical content delivered professionally and efficiently. A lot of relevant information was covered in a very time efficient way.”

Jacky, Perth

“Material was taught in a way relevant to our workplaces.”

Jason, Perth

“Very strong knowledge base of subject.”

Roz, Geraldton

“Very dynamic, excellent speaker, excellent knowledge, excellent engagement skills.”

Chris, Carnarvon

“Strengths were his experience and ability to provide examples combined with his ability to respond directly to questions on process and methodology.”

Matt, Carnarvon

Amazing ability to provide examples in all situations throughout the course – very sharp.”

Brian, West Perth

“Was enthusiastic and inspiring. Was able to answer questions and provide solutions in a positive way. Todd also made the group think for themselves, which kept everyone on track and interested.”

Liz, Carnarvon

This is a letter of appreciation for the work you have done with our office.

I was totally amazed at the amount of movement, team cohesion, and honest discussions amongst our staff members in just one day. The Authentic Conversation Day was well worth the time and money we invested to move us from our historical issues to solution breakthrough!

“Thank you so much, and I look forward to additional opportunities to work with you in the future.”

Carol Crothers, Office Director, Nevada Department of Education

“Spoke well, very knowledgeable and did well to understand the projects we were working on.”

Rick, Carnarvon

“It was great to have a presenter with very well developed public speaking ability that can connect so well with their audience.”

Phillip, Perth

“Feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result of your willingness to contribute so greatly to our day my staff are now better placed to understand the importance of goal setting and positive thinking and how to make things happen by focusing on the positives rather than highlighting the negatives.”

Wayne, Perth

“Very well delivered – broad knowledge and experiences.”

Ronnie, Perth

“What champions you all are I am really proud to be associated with you in your efforts over the life of this project. What can I say, except that your commitment, confidence, personal dedication & team work has been exemplary.”

Hugh, Perth

“After Gary worked several weekends on self-awareness and leadership with 10 people from the Nevada State Department of Education, he brought his work into my office of 30 people, on how we create our subjective reality, self-awareness, holding authentic conversations and working on historical issues from diverse perspectives. This self-development and collective work is empowering people and enhancing our conversations to create solutions and take action. Clearly, we have evolved who we are individually and collectively. Gary is a powerful facilitator and lighthouse for this systemic inner source work.”

Leslie James

“When I meet Gary I was $120,000.00 in debit on credit cards and debating between bankruptcy and suing the credit card companies. Gary was offering his course, “The Missing Piece to Financial Freedom” for only a few hundred dollars here in Santa Fe. I say “only” a few hundred dollars now. At that time it seemed like a lot of money. At that time I had plenty of advance notice that the course was being offered, yet I didn’t sign up. It was only on the day of the course I was sitting around and the thought occurred to me that if I couldn’t afford a few hundred dollars to learn this information, if I wasn’t worth a few hundred dollars, what was this saying about my beliefs about money? Obviously I had the limited mentality that I couldn’t manifest a few hundred dollars; that I wasn’t worth it; that if I spent a few hundred dollars on the course I would be a few hundred dollars more in debt and have a few hundred dollars less to spend on something else. This made me realize that I needed this course more than anything! So I rushed down to the course.

Part of the work we did involved clearly identifying our limiting beliefs about money and replacing them with new beliefs. It’s more than just saying “I deserve it”. You’ve got to believe what you are saying. Gary taught us special NLP techniques to neutralize our old beliefs and reinforce the new ones.

That day in class we listed our goals. One of the goals I wanted to accomplish in 1 year or less was to be debt free and have all my credit cards paid off. Less than one year later my financial situation was completely reversed – All 12 of my credit cards are paid off and I have over 100,000 cash in the bank! I now drive a new Jeep. The IRS audit that I was going through at that time (they didn’t believe how I could be living off my credit cards for so long) resulted in a fair settlement that I paid off immediately.

If you want to get rid of your credit card debt like I did, take Gary’s class!”

Dan, Santa Fe

“I first met Gary several years ago when an ACHE hypnotherapy instructor teacher became affiliated with his Institute in San Diego, California. I was impressed with his personal charisma and obvious command of his subject. He has since presented workshops at the ACHE International Conferences and has been received with great enthusiasm. I strongly recommend his training to all who wish to diversify their approaches to therapy.”

Gil Boyne, President, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners