James Price

When I first saw Todd I was so impressed with his speech at the PMI Symposium in Indonesia that I booked him as a speaker for the Microsoft Asia Project Conference, where he was voted the best speaker against tough competition. He has a great way of engaging with the audience to impart a message and I thoroughly recommend him. 

James Price

Vice President, Asia, Microsoft

My name is John Mitchell I am the CEO of Mitchell’s Livestock Transport. It is based in the South West of Western Australia. We employ around 30 staff this includes 15 drivers, workshop personel, operational and logistics staff and Administration.

Mitchell’s are a third generation business and have a solid and loyal customer base, good staff retention and a strong market presence.

I have long held a view there is something holding my business back. I just could not put my finger on what it is – I may have thought I knew what it was…… this person or that person or the type of work we do etc.

Two years ago I came into contact with Gary De Rodriguez and People Rich through their Leadership Training business. I realized straight away that this bloke had a rare knack of making simple sense and ‘pushing some unused buttons’.

Since that initial meeting Gary has played a pivotal role in developing leadership skills in our entire workforce. I sincerely feel that Gary is a once in a lifetime leadership coach who has an incredible way of seeing things.

Gary’s involvement with our group has given us all both at a work and in our private lives some incredible tools that can add value to so many different areas of our lives.

My goal is for my employees to be better people when they decide to move on after their time at Mitchell’s. In most cases I have found our staff gained a reason to stay following Gary’s time with them. Personally, I have matured as a manager and have a deeper understanding of what leadership really means – and how to display it.

Gary will make a difference to you and your people – I believe it would be hard to find anyone to make a bigger difference.

John Mitchell

Mitchells Livestock Transport

Brad Wellings

I first saw Todd present at an AIM WA event where he spoke about the Neuroscience of High Performance. The content, delivery and charisma of his presentation were exceptional! So much so, that I asked Todd to present the same topic here at the Fremantle Football Club. Todd being Todd, not only delivered on this but went one better. Todd customised the content to suit our operations, branding and even used the language we use on a day-to-day basis.

Each of these customisations made it easier for our staff to absorb his insights and gain value from what he said. The feedback from staff about this presentation was overwhelmingly positive with many staff feeling more empowered, self-aware and confident about putting themselves out there as they strive to deliver excellent work.

Todd was kind enough to provide an additional 5 short videos (again customised) which we have uploaded to our learning management system for all current and future employees to watch.

I can't recommend Todd highly enough. 

Brad Wellings

Human Resource Manager
Fremantle Dockers Football Club

Gary is one of those speakers who promises much and delivers more.  Much more.  I have attended two of his presentations and come away inspired. I also got concrete ways in which I can increase my effectiveness. Having spoken to others who have heard Gary, I find they too come away with far more than they dreamed.

Gary has a way of presenting facts, concepts and actions you didn’t know you didn’t know but sure can use the minute you walk out of his class.

It takes someone with absolute integrity and congruency to deliver the eye opening, mind changing ideas Gary presents. He seems to do it so effortlessly that time flies by, yet when he is through, you still want more.

As one of our Board members aptly put it, Gary “was one of the best speakers I have heard in 10 years.”  He went on to say, “Those who attended [Gary’s workshop] truly gained constructive perspectives on communication, thinking strategies and how to create an exceptional success for oneself.”  That pretty much says it all!

Tom Luhnow

Greater San Diego Business Association

Andrea Walters

It's always a great pleasure to work with Todd Hutchison as a Professional Speaker at AIM WA member events. Todd puts maximum effort into delivering content that is well researched, highly practical and easily applied to the lives of our members, who are all busy managers and leaders. Todd is an exceptionally energetic and passionate presenter, with many areas of expertise that he can share.

The feedback from his latest session on The Neuroscience of Peak Performance was extremely positive. Todd was described as "Inspirational" in feedback from members with more than 80% of respondents rating Todd's presentation as "excellent". Thanks Todd for the brilliant work that you do and the energy and expertise you bring.

Andrea Walters

Director, Personal Member Services
Australian Institute of Management

I am extremely privileged and honored to write a recommendation for Gary De Rodriguez and his organization Peopleistic. The simple answer is ‘Yes he is a highly skilled presenter in terms of Leadership and Creative Thinking, and he is so much more. In a three day in-house seminar he transformed and inspired our team. They were not only equipped with new tools for business but also fully engaged to go on a wonderful journey of changing the company’s direction. Gary provided a catalyst for demonstrable company growth and set the foundations for change upon which we have been able to obtain alignment and maintain focus on success. His philosophy on humanistic business is inspirational and his enthusiasm to create a better world infectious. To attempt to quantify the value he provided would be disrespectful of the wisdom he shared.

Richard Welsh

Managing Director/Fire Safety Engineer
Complete Fire Design

Myra Quartermaine

Todd Hutchison has established himself as part of the ALPMA WA family having presented  seminars numerous times to our members. Todd’s presentations are always engaging and interesting with his insight into current legal practice management issues always on trend.

Myra Quartermaine

Australasian Legal Practice Management Association

In a matter of hours with Gary, he stimulated, challenged and encouraged my thoughts to new levels.  The time spent together will influence my ability to push my communication and therefore my relationships to new levels of excellence and performance.   With an exponential dividend on time and investment I whole heartedly recommend Gary.

Lauren Lamb

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

April Jorgensen

We engaged Todd to help rebuild our executive and middle management teams after a highly stressful period of Government reforms and audits. Through Todd’s extended DISC profiling, team training and one-on-one coaching, our team is now re-engaged and more effective but most importantly, happier. I would certainly recommend Peopleistic to both start up businesses and established organisations as Todd will custom design a program to address the needs of each company. As Director of a SME, Todd has assisted me personally to understand my strengths and weaknesses so I can achieve optimum results from my input. I now understand communications in business from a neuroscience perspective. This is something I find highly valuable to strengthen my business as well as relationships outside of the office. Thank you Todd for your expertise, professionalism and drive – you’ve certainly made a positive difference! April Jorgensen, Director of Niche Education Group

April Jorgensen

Group Chairperson

The Gift of awareness is a gift of a lifetime.  Gary’s class today was the gift of care, happiness and effectiveness.  My favorite section of the training was the reminder of the power of now.

His work will be an amazing legacy on self-leadership.

Michael Reese

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

Gary, this session was amazing.  I truly learned things about myself that I didn’t know before.  I enjoyed learning about the different behavioral styles and the techniques which can be used to effectively communicate to the different styles.  I would love to get more information and continue learning and to get one to one coaching.  Thank you Gary, it was truly eye opening experience.

Jeane Reyes

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

This is a letter of appreciation for the work you have done with our office. I was totally amazed at the amount of movement, team cohesion, and honest discussions amongst our staff members in just one day.  The Authentic Conversation Day was well worth the time and money we invested to move us from our historical issues to solution breakthrough!   Thank you so much; and I look forward to additional opportunities to work with you in the future.

Carol Crothers

Office Director
Nevada Department of Education

I learned so much about myself and my leadership skills today!! I’ve been through many DISC sessions and trainings and you brought a more holistic approach that was more useful.  There were so many ah-ha moments throughout the day and I’m excited to implement in my work and team.  This will allow me to a better father, husband and leader.

Jake Houle

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

I just returned from Gary de Rodriguez’s workshop in Santa Fe.  INCREDIBLE!!!  The very best speakers training, or training of any kind for that matter, that I have ever attended.  

Because Gary believes you must be present in your true self pursuing your true purpose when speaking, he spent an entire day working with us to reach that true self.  It brought us all to a point of intimacy that enabled learning the techniques and structure from inside our body and soul.  I came away so very powerful!

Thank you for providing this introduction that has already proven to be a watershed moment in my life.

Karen Vecchio

CFPIM, CSCP, Senior Consultant, CMTC

Wayne Stewart

I would like to provide a recommendation for Todd as keynote speaker. He recently provided a presentation at the Western Australian Institution of Surveyors conference titled Navigating Disruption for the Land Surveying Profession. Todd rated highly in our attendees feedback with a number noting that they were impressed with his style and ease of delivery.

Todd was asked to be the keynote speaker and present as a Futurist for a 45 minute timeslot. His seamless presentation and addressing of the topic was impressive. Being involved in organising a conference is a challenge however having Todd as a presenter made the task a lot easier.

Wayne Stewart

WA Institute of Surveyors

After Gary worked several weekends on self-awareness and leadership with 10 people from the Nevada State Department of Education, he brought his work into my office of 30 people, on how we create our subjective reality, self-awareness, holding authentic conversations and working on historical issues from diverse perspectives.   This self-development and collective work is empowering people and enhancing our conversations to create solutions and take action. Clearly, we have evolved who we are individually and collectively. Gary is a powerful facilitator and lighthouse for this systemic inner source work.

Leslie James

Nevada Board of Education

I learned why I do the things I do.  Why people react the way they do to the things I say.  I learned how to be more effective when communicating with different personality types.  I learned more about my values and my BIG WHY and what’s important to me.  I now control my destiny.

Keith Schuler

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

I learned more about my emotional intelligence today, so that I am able to communicate and nurture the relationships I have both professionally and personally.  This class was a life changer and wish that we had longer to dig deeper on an individual level.

Afton Rodriguez

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

Gary delivered amazing content and really stretched my mind.  With his help and teaching I have a higher awareness of how to be a better leader through communication.  Gary also helped me get clarity with my values and BIG WHY for my personal branding.

Alex Piech

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

After this training session I thought we went deep to find out we only scratched the surface.  I can’t believe how complex our beings are.  This training inspired me to go further Today I started a journey of self-discovery and you had a huge impact on my life.

Matthew Jonker

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

Incredible day!!! Never thought the way people communicate was so vital.  We are all so different and communicating according to those differences makes all the difference.  Thank you for an incredible and eye opening day.  I will never forget this day.

John Kelsoe

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

Jay Walter

Very engaging and informative - Todd shared plenty of gold with us throughout his presentation that people could apply straight away. Keen to develop an understanding of our business, Todd was able to translate that through to his presentation ensuring the content was relevant and kept everyone engaged and moving.

Would thoroughly recommend Todd as someone with plenty of depth of experience and massive relatability factor in his humble and down to earth way of presenting and interacting with people.

Jay Walter

General Manager
JWH Group

The evaluations and feedback on your training from our Department professional staff is uniformly outstanding. There is a continual demand for your return performance. I have been a trainer and instructor for many years and consider Gary De Rodriguez to be one of the most effective consultants I have ever observed. It is without reservation that I recommend you to other county departments or community organizations.

Richard Weintraub

Director of Professional Development
L.A. Sheriff’s Dept.

Our Groups have worked with Gary for the past year and he has been incredible.  Teaching the skills to have Authentic Conversations as well as Life Skill Trainings has been a great investment for our organization.  Our people are our greatest asset and Gary’s skill, genuine interest and enthusiasm has made a tremendous difference.

Kim Brotherson

Managing Director
Pharmacy 777 & Pharmacy Help Group

The goals, strategies and tactics that I formulated in the seminar earlier this year were successfully achieved in late June. I am now in control of my own business, on target for its transformation to its next level and, attracting the type of business and networks to it that I want and need.

Greg Riebe

Chief Executive Officer
Entrepreneurs in Residence, Perth Australia

You have changed the lives of so many people I love and care about!  Everyone in our organization grew today and I am grateful to have you in our lives.  This was just what the team needed!!!

Jay Kinder

National Association of Experts Advisors
Kinder and Reese Team

Professor Maryam Omari

I found Todd and his team to be extremely professional. The one day session was great and the feedback I have received from my team indicates that they found the individual coaching sessions to be extremely valuable.

Professor Maryam Omari

Executive Dean, School of Business and Law
Edith Cowan University

There has been marked change in my team dynamics since bringing Mr. Rodriguez into the Global Safety division of Elan Pharmaceuticals.  Team culture and communication has dramatically improved through his training’s therefore my core staff has stabilized and productivity has risen.  I couldn’t be happier with results from our investment.

Tobias Peschal

Elan Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, Ca.

This training session is the best I have ever attended.  Gary was personable and practical in facilitating and training us to hold some very difficult conversations with my leadership team.  He was able to tap into our minds and emotions and demonstrate the best methods to control our thoughts and perspectives.  I have literally done numerous leadership training’s and this by far the best I have ever attended.  Thanks for your honesty, heart and caring.

Thurston Lamb

Desoto High School

During this training I have come to know myself again.  This has been life changing personally as well as professionally.  What you have done, I have never heard or seen it accomplished in this short period of time.  Yes you have a price tag but what I have gained from this is priceless.  I thank you, my family thanks you, my co-workers thank you and my future thanks you.

Christina Hamilton

Instructional Coordinator

This training has been one of the most empowering trainings EVER! Gary’s ability to connect to a team is very powerful and is a model of how leaders need to connect with their teams.  This connection is important because it disarms the participants and allows them to take in the information and as a result, experience the miracle of change.  This experience is unforgettable.

Kristi Primus

Assistant Principal

This training changed me as an administrator, parent, husband and man.  I feel this training is pivotal to anyone that deals with people.  Gary has forever changed my life and I am so grateful.  You have equipped me with tools to change not only my life and my families life but a vast amount of the people In which I work with daily. I wish I could have trained with you years ago.

Sherwin Linthecum

Assistant Principal

On behalf of Shell Australia I would like to sincerely thank you for the remarkable session. Your talk was well received by the audience and you were also quoted by some speakers on the day-2 of the summit. At the end of the summit, we had a formal written feedback about the summit, your session received very positive feedback.

I look forward to seeing you again in future.

Joginder Marwah

Business Development ManagerShell (Australia)

This was very different from any other workshop that I have ever been a part of.  I can honestly say that all school districts should bring this workshop in to address the elephant in the room, but more importantly the elephant in our heads.

Alphonso Bates

Associate Principal

Jody Nunn

Todd presented to our Members and Directors at the Australian Institute of Company Directors in Western Australia as part of Director Download Series. Todd dived into boardroom behaviours and provided a great insight into the impact of behavioural dynamics around the boardroom table. He had excellent engagement with those attending with an energetic, well prepared and clear message that he carefully tailored. Thank you for your contribution Todd. 

Jody Nunn

State Manager
Australian Institute of Company Directors

Gary breaks down the walls that prevents cohesive teams and transforms the negativity.  The three day training taught that it is important to see and validate people, work as a team to each other’s strengths and maximize potential in yourself, others and the organization.  The information is immediately applicable.

Carlos Meekins