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The Peopleistic Group has offices in Australia, the United States, as well as a representative in Singapore. The Group includes:

  • Peopleistic – this is our core global organisation that delivers training, consulting and coaching services;
  • Business Education Institute – this is our Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO 51900) that provides the qualification-based education and awards; and
  • Film My Video – this is a video production company who supports the online video education products.

Our History

Peopleistic began its life in 2003 as a part-time consultancy business in Australia, becoming a full time business in 2006 to help individuals and businesses thrive.  We started as people-focused trouble shooters, helping organisations resolve people issues, and later realised that it was all about helping people get into flow, where they would perform and bring passion and purpose to their roles.

Our focus has always been on people performance and project management. We soon recognised that good strategy was needed in client organisations, and our expertise in systems and processes was needed, as process guides behaviour. Our services were designed to integrate the people, systems and processes together in a holistic approach towards achieving higher team performance.

The Business Education Institute, our Australian Government approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO), was formed in 2007, and in 2013 it was moved into its own company structure.

The thirty year old Evolution Training business in the USA merged into the Group in 2012.

In 2014, the original operating name of People Rich changed to Peopleistic to better portray its strengths in people dynamics.

In 2015, Film My Video was then added to the Group.

In 2017, the International Institute of Legal Project Management was established, and supported by the Business Education Institute as the only global certifying body for legal project management. It has delivery partners in 13 countries, university partners in 6 countries and legal graduates in 53 countries.

Our vision continues to spread the principles of Humanistic Business and help organisations survive and thrive, be profitable and be purposeful, living their values and serving others through exceptional user experiences.

Our Key Team Members

Associate Professor and CEO, Australia

Known as the Corporate Mechanic, Todd is an international bestselling author, global business strategist, adjunct Associate Professor and behaviuoral, contracts and project management expert. He has been recognized as a preeminent business leader by WA Business News, a Top 101 Global Expert in project management, and is listed in the Who’s Who in Business in Australia.

Associate Professor and CEO, USA

Known as the People Mechanic, Gary is a Bloomsbury author, global educator and behavioural expert. He has been recognized as a world leading therapist and coach, helping people breakthrough their limiting beliefs, fears and doubts.

He teaches advanced strategies for human excellence to help organisations develop sustainable leaders and high performing teams.

Regional Manager, USA

The behind-the-scenes manager of our United States office, Robert has high experience in leading facilities and managing investments.

An avid property expert, Robert works with Peopleistic in overseeing its information systems, and processes.

Chief Finance Officer, Australia

The behind-the-scenes manager of our Australian office, Gina is a qualified accountant.

Dr Ian Rouse
Director, Australia

Professor Ian Rouse leads the Melbourne (Australia) office and is a highly experienced international leader with significant academic and commercial expertise. He is passionate about leadership and project management development.  He has had a diverse career working in, and contributing to, knowledge in both Higher Education and particularly the Health Industry. His passion is for education, global health and empowerment of people, with a focus on leadership and management, information management and cultural diversity.

Dr Helen Armstrong
Director, Australia

Professor Helen Armstrong is an author and experienced academic and business professional.  She specialises in leadership and project management.  Helen formerly occupied a professorial role in Business at Curtin University.

Bonnie Negron
Executive Coach and Outplacement, USA

Bonnie Negron is an Executive Leadership Award Winner, Certified Career, Life & Leadership Coach, Certified HNLP Practitioner, Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert, Authorized DISC Administrator, and Behavioral Consultant. She has been featured in the HuffPost, Monster, Career Central, and NJ Mom media outlets.

Susan Harley
Executive Coach and Project Manager, USA

Susan Harley is passionate about people empowering, business performance, and change leadership. She has supported organizations internationally in achieving peak performance to propel business growth for over 15 years.

Jason Croft2
Internal Podcast, USA

Jason Croft is the founder of Media Leads, an agency dedicated to a new form of business development – media lead generation. Jason is turning his 30 years of media experience and his love of precision interviewing like he’s done with Startup DallasThe Jason Croft ShowStrategy + Action, and Concentric into a scalable system that allows his clients to shorten their sales cycles and rapidly build their dominance in an industry.

Our Profiling Toolboxes

What Our Clients Say

“On behalf of Shell Australia I would like to sincerely thank you for the remarkable session. Your talk was well received by the audience and you were also quoted by some speakers on the day-2 of the summit. At the end of the summit, we had a formal written feedback about the summit, your session received very positive feedback. I look forward to seeing you again in future.”

Joginder Marwah , Business Development Manager, Shell (Australia)

“After Gary worked several weekends on self-awareness and leadership with 10 people from the Nevada State Department of Education, he brought his work into my office of 30 people, on how we create our subjective reality, self-awareness, holding authentic conversations and working on historical issues from diverse perspectives.   This self-development and collective work is empowering people and enhancing our conversations to create solutions and take action. Clearly, we have evolved who we are individually and collectively. Gary is a powerful facilitator and lighthouse for this systemic inner source work.”

Leslie James, Nevada Board of Education

“The evaluations and feedback on your training from our Department professional staff is uniformly outstanding. There is a continual demand for your return performance. I have been a trainer and instructor for many years and consider Gary De Rodriguez to be one of the most effective consultants I have ever observed. It is without reservation that I recommend you to other county departments or community organizations.”

Richard Weintraub, Director of Professional Development, L.A. Sheriff’s Dept.