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Enjoy our DVD and CD products that are designed to improve your performance and give you behaviour-based insights that enable sustainable positive changes in your life.


Effective Goal Setting For Personal and Business Success (2CDs)

By Todd Hutchison

Learn about bringing success into your personal and business life. In this two CD set, Todd talks through the world's leading goal setting process, and explores the key 14 inhibitors or barriers that impact you reaching your full potential.

GDR Charismatic Pres CD Cover FRONT (6Discs + 1DVD) HR

Charismatic Presentations
(6 CDs 1 DVD)

By Gary de Rodriguez

Contained within this audio series are the secrets of the most successful and influential speakers. You will learn the secrets of how to influence and charismatically present to the hearts and minds of your audience with such effectiveness that your speaking skills and professional presence in front of an audience will dramatically improve.

GDR Get Results Fast FRONT CD Cover (8 Discs) HR

Get Results Fast (8 CDs)

By Gary de Rodriguez

The Get Results Fast CD series is the culmination of over 30 years of training experience and research distilled into a training series, professionally recorded to provide you with an outstanding body of information to shift where you’ve been, to where you desire to be.

GDR My Destiny CD Cover FRONT (4Discs=1dvd) HR

Master Your Destiny (4 CDs 1 DVD)

By Gary de Rodriguez

The Master Your Destiny audio series holds the missing pieces to what makes the laws of attraction really work. Contained within this program are the steps to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind so you sustain optimal, personal, powerful and emotional resourcefulness. This is an in-depth look inside your own patterns of emotions and thought, shining a light into how you have created your subjective experience and reality.

GDR NLP (2cds) CD Cover FRONT HR

NLP Communication Skills (2 CDs)

By Gary de Rodriguez

The fundamentals of your success is your ability to create sustainable relationship alliances both personally and professionally. The foundation of a successful relationship is the communication that supports and builds the trust, transparency and emotional safety between people.

GDR Life Purpose FRONT (2cds) CD Cover HR

The Life Purpose Training (2 CDs)

By Gary de Rodriguez

How would your life be different if you were able to establish a reference point from which to guide all your actions and clear away personal blockages, creating a life you love with greater clarity and joy? Within this audio program is revealed an extremely simple system that delivers a life-altering change at the core of your identity. Recorded live, you will be taken on a journey into the power of how breakthroughs are created through language and focus.