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Effective Leadership is the heartbeat and the lifeblood of a sustainably successful organization. Without leadership development for senior management and frontline managers, the organization will experience attrition. Recent studies revealed in a survey of 1000 individuals who quit their jobs that 57% left specifically because of their Leadership. 82% considered or are considering quitting because of Leadership. Underdeveloped Leadership is one of the principal causes of high attrition.

  • Gain skills for masterful mental-emotional management;
  • Become consistent and congruent in your leadership behaviors;
  • Learn how to hold Critical Conversations;
  • Release emotional inhibitors to the past;
  • Align to and operate from your deepest values;
  • Let go of Fear;
  • Build resilience;
  • Become People Intelligent; and
  • Gain work-life balance.

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